2008 Olympics

We are the world

I love the Olympics. Not for the pageantry, sportsmanship, and international goodwill it promotes. Nah, I love it for the random shit that flies under the radar. For example, this chick named Jenn Stuczynski is a U.S. pole vaulter who said this earlier in the week, “I hope we do some damage,” she had said, “and, you know, kick some Russian butt.” Bad move Jenn. She proceeded to get smashed by the Mike Jordan of women’s pole vault, Yelena Isinbayeva. This is the woman who doesn’t even attempt her first jump until 7 of the 11 competitors have already eliminated themselves. She’s sitting off to the side drinking Yoo-Hoo and listening Tha Carter III to her iPod. Then, after only 2 jumps, she wins gold and pretty much smashed everyone. the just for shit’s and giggles she decides to attempt a height that has never been tried before, and clears it. After the jump, Yelena had these parting words for our girl, “I just wanted to prove who is the best at the Olympic Games.” But this was my favorite line, “She must respect me and … know her position.” Hilarious.

Then you have my dude who threw his bronze medal to the mat and stormed off yelling “Fuck y’all niggas !”, okay, maybe he didn’t say that, but in my mind he did. He got screwed over the same way in 2004 and just lost it when it happened again. Had to be restrained and everything. then the IOC stripped him of the medal. I’m sure by not allowing them to place it around his neck, then leaving it on the mat, he’s okay without having it.

I’m finally starting to come around when it comes to George W…I’ve been hard on him the past few years, but I’m finally starting to understand this cat. Follow me on this. After watching him on tv the past week, I’ve realized that I should be proud of this dude. He’s a shining beacon of light for all developmentally challenged people in this world. For the most part, people with disabilities only have working at Taco Bell or WalMart to aspire to, but this fucker made it all the way to the top. The Make-A-Wish foundation has made all his dreams come true, as evidenced by these pics.

Dude actually has the flag backwards…BACKWARDS

But hands down, the best thing about these 2 weeks…physically fit women in very small outfits. Yessir. Swimming, gymnastics, track and field, volleyball, basketball…okay, maybe not basketball. But there’s a lot to see in Beijing. Don’t believe me ? Ask LeBron, he knows…

I can’t wait to see what week 2 is gonna bring