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Greetings and salutations

Finally got fed up with Blogger and made the switch, so this is where you’ll find me from now on. Update your links.

Apparently, you can’t put links from your competitors in posts, so, type the same url in your browser and replace blogspot with wordpress. It even looks the same, on some parallel universe shit.

Billie Jean, as interpreted by me

First of all, I’m willing to bet it was inspired by a true story that went a little something like this. Hit it. So, Mike is at the club chillin with Brooke Shields, trying to get his white girl game up when Billie Jean, this girl from Inglewood that he smashed a while back runs up on him in between sips of Bacardi. You know that had to be an awkward situation. He’s trying to have a good time and some broad comes out of nowhere just throwing his ass under the bus “Girrrrrrl, I was with this nigga for about 4 months, then he just up and disappears. Changed his phone number, moved out of his house…we used to stay in the club every night til about 3 in the mornin’ drinking Wild Irish Rose, and sweating my perm out on the dance floor. Then he pulls a Harry Houdini. Gone. Next thing I know, I see him dancing in Pepsi commercials and shit…but I got you now nigga, look at this picture, tell me that ain’t his baby. Look at them eyes…” Hell, the story was so convincing, that even Mike was thinking it might be his for a second. Then he fell back into playa mode and spit some game that only Suga Free would say. “Man, I don’t even know this bitch, she crazy. Hee hee.” That was how Quincy Jones originally wrote the hook, but they had to change it to get radio spins. People weren’t quite ready for that back in ’82, so it became what we all know today, “Billie Jean is not my lover…”. I’m trying to get in touch with Emmanuel Lewis to confirm my theory. While I do that, listen to it and tell me if I’m wrong.

Billie Jean – Micheal Jackson