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Today, I’m thankful

…that Ashanti sang the national anthem before the Cowboys/Jets game today, and did a great job. A capella, even. I guess there’s one less person I can make fun of for their lack of singing ability. Damn, first the Fat Boys break up, now this.

Anyway,Happy Thanksgiving.

Question O’ The Day

There is a point to this, trust me.

If you knew that your significant other was a prostitute at some point, would you stay with them ?

And no I’m not trying to turn a ho into a housewife, just a question brought up at work today. Sound off, I’ll give my answer soon.

I’m boycotting the Oakland Raiders

Yeah, I said it. It’s reached the point of no return. I can no longer support a mediocre product. I took me seeing it in person today to make me realize how far this team has fallen in 5 years. They went from the Super Bowl in 2002 to the shithouse in 2003 and have been there ever since. It’s pathetic. Until some drastic changes are made, they’re dead to me.

That Roc-A-Fella shit

So, I’m watching this new Jay-Z video, and i couldn’t help but to laugh. Not at anything in it, but the fact that Memphis Bleek just did one just like it, in the same place…his just looks like the JV version. It’s like Jay told him, “Look, I’m shooting a video here in a couple days…they accidentally delivered one of the cameras a couple days early, here’s 500 dollars for you to shoot yourself a little something. And if you break that camera, it’s your ass”. So, here’s Memphis Bleek f/ Dre “Get Ya Money Up”:

Not bad, but it’s not greatest video in the world. Then in the words Of KanYe West, “…I thought I spazzed, then big brother came through and kicked my ass”. Well, here’s another case of Jay letting them both know who still holds the crown at Roc-A-Fella, Jay-Z “Roc Boys”:

Somewhere, Damon Dash is in a corner crying.


Why did I get my ass grabbed in 3 different clubs in the last night ? If i did something like that, I’m getting slapped and tossed out of the club.