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T.O. , the finale

So, Sunday rolls around and it’s time to slow it down. My boy was flying back to L.A., so we were supposed to FINALLY hook up with our girl, but again, it didn’t go down the way it was supposed to. She wanted us to jump on 2 trains, to meet her and another friend of ours for lunch, so we I said that I was gonna call her back when we were leaving, to get directions from them…but her phone wasn’t working correctly and wasn’t going to voicemail. Somehow that was our fault, cause after we finally got them on the phone, she sounded a little salty cause we hadn’t arrived yet, and decided to go to get something to eat on our own. She said she was gonna call us back in a couple minutes, but 3 weeks later, we still haven’t heard from her. Oh well. We ended up going for a couple drinks before my boy’s flight, then I went back to the hotel and shut it down for the next 2.5 days. The rest of my stay was spent seeing movies, shopping, dinners and hanging out with friends who thought enough to actually come see me and hang out for a bit. It was appreciated. In all, the trip was a success and there will be a return in the future. When do the Lakers & Raptors play this season ?