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15 years ago, part 4: "Peace Treaty" – Kam

So, what became of all this ? Well, after things in the hood had died down, and people realized “You know what ? We fucked our own hood up…”, the healing began. First thing that happened, was it stopped being referred to as “rioting” or “looting”, but became “civil unrest”. Community leaders put forth an effort to rebuild the communities, and even the Bloods & Crips came to a common agreement that they would end their feuding. It seemed like a new day was upon Los Angeles. It didn’t last long…after a few months of bbq’s and parties at the park, niggas started busting on each other with regularity again, a trend that continues today. Those buildings that were supposed to replace the gutted out ones that went down…still haven’t gone back up yet. It’s been 15 years, and I can drive you around L.A. and show you lots that are STILL vacant. Are B’s & C’s still dropping each other like bad habits ? Yep. Every chance they get. Is the L.A.P.D. still as corrupt as ever ? Yes they are…google some of the shit they’ve been up to. So, what has really changed in the past 15 years ? Nothing, in my opinion.

15 years ago, part 3: "We Had To Tear This Motherfucka Up" – Ice Cube

By the time day 2 rolled around, the city was in flames. You had people stealing anything that wasn’t locked down, store owners started taking the law into their own hands and shooting at who they thought to be looters. What started off as Black people vs. the police turned into the hood vs. anybody. It got to the point where there was a citywide curfew cause the city had been divided into 5 distinct groups:

Rioters who were genuinely pissed off, the result of the years of abuse, hatred and corruption by the L.A.P.D.

Looters who were taking advantage of the situation to get free shit.

Business owners trying to protect their stores.

People who tried to stay out of the way, and just survive.

L.A.P.D./Nat’l Guard/U.S.M.C.

When it first jumped off, it was one of those “Sweet, no school tomorrow” things. But when you start to see tanks and hummers driving through the streets of your city, you know shit has hit the fan. When you see a store owner on the roof of his building, shooting at niggas, you know the shit has hit the fan. When you see people driving trucks through the front door of a store, loading them up, then giving a tv interview, the shit has hit the fan. When niggas started looting the Western Surplus stores, THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN. The last thing this situation needed was a bunch of crazy muthafuckas with guns, and this is where we were. This went on for 6 days. Every day, there was some sort of ignant shit going on. The worst of everyone, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, whatever, came out that week. Hell was officially on earth.

Part 4 coming