15 years ago, part 2: "The Day The Niggaz Took Over " – Dr. Dre

I remember this day vividly. I was in the 11th grade @ Fairfax HS in L.A. We had heard about the verdicts on the radio on the way home. (First unusual moment)Usually, I would be at basketball practice at that time, but we got lucky and didn’t have to go. So, we hop on the Melrose bus and headed home. (Second unusual moment)Now we would typically transfer to either the bus on Western Or Vermont, but we decided to take the bus down Normandie on this day, cause the homie lived off of Florence & Normandie, that way we could split the difference. So, we’re riding along and not really paying attention to what’s going on around us, not noticing the number or people out on corners and protesting until we get to where our boy was about to get off the bus. We see a shitload of people on all 4 corners, this being L.A., we’re thinking that somebody got shot or there was an accident. He gets off the bus, we keep rolling. After I get home, the TV is on and they’re showing that same intersection, the protest has turned violent. I get a call from my boy, and he’s like “They’re throwing shit at the cars driving by”…this was about 4:30, an hour later, all hell broke loose.

Part 3 coming.


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