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Weekend Update

Friday Night

I had friend in town from my cruise ship days, so we decide to roll out and hit a couple spots on The Strip. Being the conservationist that I am, I tell her we should stay close to her hotel (I didn’t feel like walking). After watching somebody’s father grooving to Wild Thing by Tone-Loc, I spy with my little eye some chick dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld. I don’t know what she was listening to, but it obviously wasn’t what the rest of us heard.

Highlight of the night: Drunk dude trying to jump over a 4 foot fence…clipped it on the way over and hit the ground with his entire left side. The security guard pointed out to him that the door to the fence was 4 feet away. His arm/shoulder/hip is probably still in pain. We felt the ground shake when he landed. I loved it.

Saturday Afternoon

Randomly decided to join a couple of my boys in Phoenix for a night of clubbing followed by Lakers/Suns on Sunday. I had 3 hours to find myself a game ticket, plane ticket and hotel room. Did it happen ? Find out tomorrow. :-p