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Lost is killing me

I don’t know if you watch “Lost” like I do, but this shit is getting out of control. It’s getting more and more retarded as the weeks pass. First the survivors were being chased by a random ass black cloud, then a wild boar, a polar bear, the “others”…then I hit my tivo this morning before i go to work, and I watch the most idiotic episode they’ve ever done. An entire episode dedicated to 2 muhfuckas who had nothing to do with anything related to the rest of the show. Now they have done some really worthless episodes before, but this was by far the worst. It’s bad enough that Nikki & Paolo just popped up after 3 seasons, but then to dedicate an entire episode to them was just stupid. The best thing about it was the random sighting of “Mr. Colt 45”, “Lando Calrissian”, fuckin Billy Dee Williams. Every time one question is answered, it goes into another dumb ass direction. I’m about to start watching American Idol.