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"I’ve got a hustler’s spirit, nigga, period…"

This right here, is what we like to refer to as, “the shit”. Just seeing it today in 7-11 gave me a flashback to when I first became an entrepre-nigga:

I’ve never been a big fan of candy, but I’ve always been a fan of Jolly Rancher sticks. back in Jr. High, we used to put them in the microwave for :10, giving them flexibility, then wrapping them around a Blow Pop, then putting them in the freezer to harden it again. We used to sell them shits for $1.50 a pop at lunch time. That was a profit of $1 a piece, nigga ! After we picked up some loyal customers, it was time to expand the bid’ness. That’s when we started getting the smaller, square pieces of the candy, then dropping them into bottles of Sprite, giving it the various Jolly Rancher flavors. In order to maximize profits, we’d go to Smart & Final and get the off-brand Lemon-Lime sodas (7up & Sprite cut into our money, and it was all about the flavor of the candy anyway) by the case, along with a box of the bite size J.R.’s, and went to school serving the fiends like Avon & Stringer. We had the playground on lock, selling to the 6th and 7th graders younger than us, and the 9th graders who were older than us. Niggas had a good 3, 4 month run before the school administrators found out about our little hustle and shut us down, but not before we had made enough paper to cop some matching Air Jordan III’s (I had the black, my nigga had the white, and we used to switch them every few days…lightweight ballin), a couple t’s from the swap meet, and some bootleg cassettes…which became our new hustle 😉 Fast forward to 2007, your boy is still grinding, working toward having my business up and running by the end of summer and I see this bottle at 7-11 that reminds me of where my drive and determination comes from. I had to buy it…and tomorrow, I’m going to the mall to cop a pair of Air Jordan III’s.