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Who else is celebrating "Singles Awareness Day" ?

*Originally posted 2-14-06. But it still fits*

I am. If I didn’t have to work tonight, I’d be out clubbing. Forget the candy and flowers shit, it’s rum and coke for me. I think this is the most overrated day of the year. The shit that people wait for this day to do, when I’m with somebody, I do on a regular basis. So, when I get to work, I’m hoping that I don’t have to hear all the girls blabbing about when they got from their man, or what they’re gonna do tonight. Fuck that, your man is a lame. When was the last time he did something nice for you, just because ? Thought so. If you’re single, raise your glasses, and enjoy the corny-ness that is going on around you. Salud.

Turn your speakers on, and play it loud…especially the part at the end when Dre starts crooning “Fuck that Valentiiiiiiines Day-eeeeeeee”

And a lil buttnaked baby flying around shooting at people ? Nigga please…