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Amazing ? Fucked Up ? Funny ? All of the above, I say

I really don’t know how I feel about this one yet…now I was just logging into MySpace when I saw the little promo for whatever the featured video of the day is, and the title is “Armless Swimmer”. So, me being the inquisitive nigga that I am, I had to click. Now before it even starts I’m thinking to myself, “Self, this is fucked up…but we gotta watch this”*. So I start the video, and let me tell you, by the time it was done I had experienced a wide range of emotions while watching this shit. Follow me…

Beginning – This is fucked up
0:30 sec. – Look at this shit…
0:40 sec. – This muthafucka is cheating, he’s got no arms ! How are you gonna be in a freestyle swimming competition with no arms ? That shit ain’t right !
0:45 sec. – This nigga is winning. Go Tadpole, go !
0:48 sec. – This is still fucked up, the other swimmers should protest…
0:51 sec. – I wonder how many laps they’re doing ? Is he gonna do a flip-turn ?
0:53 sec. – He’s going too fast ! Flip nigga, flip !
0:54 sec. – Goddamn, he fucked his head up….
0:58 sec. – I can’t believe what i just saw. I need a drink.

Now watch the video, and see if you ride the same emotional rollercoaster that I did:
Armless Swimmer

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*Yes, I’m aware that I said “we” when referring to myself…