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Reason #47 why Shawn Carter is just that much better than your favorite MC

Yeah, I know, he didn’t really retire. I know he’s not the best ever like some claim, but even a Jay-Z hater would have to admit that he’s near the top of the list. I know that he’s third legging Beyonce, and most of y’all hate the fact that she continues to wake up every morning, and hate him by association. I understand all of that. But by dropping this new video, it’s apparent that he is still the hottest cat in hip hop. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s on your mind, and the responses to the video on these different blogs attest to that. I put him in the same category as Kobe Bryant. Whatever the so-called “best” in their field does, these cats are just a little bit better at it, even though you don’t want to cop to it. Case in point, last year, 50 Cent dropped the “Window Shopper” video. It was also filmed in Monaco, but Curtis and the rest of his pals look like they’re on some sort of G-Unit group date. Especially him and Ma$e. Don’t believe me, click here to watch it. See what I’m saying ? Now click here to watch “Show Me What You Got”. Feel me ? Same location, better execution. Like Kobe, the intangibles are what separate Jay from the rest of the pack. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong.