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This is the shit right here

"We are hittin’ haaaaaard in Oakland…."

So, I just found this little jewel, and it quickly was added to favorites list: M.C. Hammer Blog. Yep. Hammer has a blog. Y’all can hate if you want, and pretend that you didn’t

A. Shake your ass to one of his songs
B. Watch the cartoon
C. Attempt to recreate one of the dance steps

…but I know you’re lyin, and you know it too. I think it’s funny how people shit on Hammer these days and call him a sellout, laugh at his style(Well, that “Pumps & A Bump” video is funny as hell…a speedo w/ gloves and boots ? Classic.), etc. But look at the game now…flashy videos, big entourages, niggas just doing it big. Where did all that come from ?

Stanley, nigga. That’s who. He’s the reason why your favorite rapper has an endorsement deal.

*there’s a certain blogger from canadialand who posts old school videos on her blog, i think that “Pump It Up” would be a perfect addition for this week. I’m just sayin’*