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DMX is the lyingest* nigga of the week, and dumb nigga of the year candidate #7

Q. Best excuse ever for getting a woman who’s not your wife pregnant ?

A. “She raped me” – Earl “DMX” Simmons

Senator Davis, what do you think about this ?


Nigga, I agree. What kind of ig’nant ass alibi is that ? I’ll tell you. It’s the kind of shit you tell your mama when you accidentally set your little sister’s hair on fire when you’re 9 years old. “Why did you do this to your sister ?”, and you say, “I din’ do dat…it was Fifi(The family dog)”. Yeah right. Saddest part of all of this, his wife is cosigning this bullshit. Somewhere, Juwan Howard is calling him a lyin’ muhfucka.

*I know it’s not a real word