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You know what I hate ?

When people say “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. What the hell is this supposed to mean ? What else am I expected to do with my cake ? Do what you want with yours, but I’m eating mine. I thought that was the purpose. Next time someone says this to you, slap them…hard.

The C.H.P. on some "Dukes Of Hazzard" shit

At lease TRY to turn
Click the link, sucka !

I just want to bite it

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Delilah Cotto, mmmmmmmmmmm

I can`t wait for the season to start…

This year, it’s on.
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Commitment To Excellence

Dy-no-miiiiite !!!!

TV Land has a “Good Times” marathon running all weekend long. Watch it, bitches.

BTW, Michael was the gayest black militant ever.

More proof that Smithers is gay…

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"Lungs, lungs, muthafuckin lungs…"

“And if you see me on the freeway, baby don’t pass
Slow down and put ’em on the glass” – Sir Mix-A-Lot

I got an email today about my post about Ebony Eyez’ “In Ya Face”. Basically, it was a rant about how men make worse songs than that. I never said that we didn’t. But it’s expected from us. Women protest this kind of stuff, and shake their asses to it at the same time. Make up your minds. So, in the spirit of pissing off even more people, click the link to download one of my favorite songs.
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Put ‘Em On The Glass

Even though I don’t think I am…

I’ve always been funny. When I was about 4, I asked my grandmother if the world was in black & white when she was a kid. I don’t remember her answer, but I do remember asking the question. I figured that since old tv shows and movies were black and white, then the rest of the world was as well. I’m gonna ask her again, to see if she remembers.

Just Ig’nant

Yamps and slores have a new anthem:

Now would you let me put my ass in ya face (in ya face)
(Would you let me put my ass in ya face)
If i let you bend me over by the waist (by the waist)
(If i let you bend me over by the waist)

“In Ya Face” – Ebony Eyez

I’ve been hearing this song everywhere lately. I can’t get away from it. I’m at this function Magic Johnson had over the weekend, and the wack-ass dj (known to the world as Biz Markie, more on that later) puts it on…and damn near every chick there rushed the dancefloor. Now, I was talking to this chick earlier, and she was spitting that “I’m not like the rest of these hoes…” ya-ya rhetoric. When the song came on, I saw her with her palms on the floor, ass in the air, shaking in such a way that would make an earthquake proud. Anyway, back to my point. When “ladies” are dancing to, and singing along with this shit, are they even paying attention to what they’re saying ? Let me break it down for you slow asses. I’m going to put the lyrics in conversation form.

Ebony Eyez: I’ll let you hit, if you give me a little tongue action too.
Me: Deal
1 minute 26 seconds later…
Ebony Eyez: I thought you were gonna lick my kitty ?
Me: Nigga Please. *As I George Jefferson stroll out of the room*

At first listen, it may seem like this is empowering to women, like they’re in control of the situation. “Pussy Power !”. Not really. It’s just a jedi mind trick. Justifying your ho like tendencies. Moral of the story…women of the world, don’t let this happen to you. Don’t support dumb ass music.

I’m a fashion icon

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Who needs Gordon Gartrelle ? I wear Ichi Amada by Denise Huxtable, bitch !