Thought of the day

I notice that people put a bunch of random poetry on their pages…like it`s gonna make them look more intelligent to have something by Langston Hughes or Maya Angelou`s “Phenomenal Woman” on their page…like 3,216 other people don`t have the same shit on their pages…so I`d like to take this time to spotlight a less heralded poet. One who speaks directly to the people. A man who understands these times that we`re living in. A true poet. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you some excerpts from “Why U Bullshittin, Part 2” by Suga Free…
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“Now either you gon be a stand-up ho or a fall-down bitch. I seen the the mountain top before, nigga you can`t tell me shit. Bitch, you been talking to God behind my back ? You let me get pretty low yesterday, and I don`t like that.”

“I learnt her; she was talkin shit in the shower when I was in there takin a piss, man, I flushed the toilet and burnt her. I said “Bitch when you do that?” she said “I think when-“, I said “You thought?” she said “Yeah”, I said “Bitch well just don`t think then”(shit)”

And my personal favorite:

“Ho I happen to like who the fuck I am, this ain`t no mistake. I didn`t come in this muthafucka lookin for no goddamn change for you to make. Bitch I don`t wanna be nothin `less than muthafucka jumpin out a Cadillac with 6 or 7 scenin hos sayin “Daddy Handle That”. And this passenger seat ain`t for sight-seeing bitch. You with a macaroni ho, you better watch that shit. Don`t start this. Ho, if I`m tellin you I`m the truth, the way, and the light,then why in the fuck do you wanna reckless eyeball darkness ?”

Now that`s poetry !

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