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Just A Test, Bitch !


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I am convinced that the Ashlee Simpson show is a spin-off of Punk`d.There is no way that someone so untalented can believe that she is talented. I can`t stop watching it though, cause she always has an excuse for her shortcomings. It`s never her fault. Acid reflux. The band started the wrong song. They were booing because USC was winning, and there were more Oklahoma fans at the game and they knew i was from L.A….riiiiiight. Somewhere, Ashton Kutcher is laughing his ass off. The reveal will come, trust.

Flaaaaavor Flaaaaav !!!

Whoever thought to cast Flavor Flav in “Surreal Life” was a fuckin` genius. How does his name even come up in the casting sessions ? Flavor Flaaaav !
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